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A message about the importance of preserving all formats of media from Jim Appleton, President of Media Asset Preservation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Media Asset Preservation?

Media Asset Preservation - MAP - is a unique company that specializes in converting old media assets into contemporary digital formats, helping our clients store, manage, and utilize these new assets.

Who uses Media Asset Preservation?

Any organization with a risky history of visual and/or audio documentation.  MAP has worked with large corporations, museums, and non-profit agencies.

What type of media assets does MAP preserve?

Just about everything from VHS videotape to 16mm film reels.  As a production specialist with over 25 years experience, MAP has the technical capabilities to convert nearly any video format, just about every film format - both motion pictures and stills, as well as any audio format used over the last 100 years.

Why should I care about preserving my assets?

  1. Historical Documentation: For many companies, their media is an historical record of their growth, development, and achievements and as well as historical documentation, media also represents a sizable investment.
  2. Safety: Magnetic Media - both video and audiotape - deteriorates over a relatively short period of time.  Once degenerated, recreating a master is not cost effective. Film negatives also deteriorate but are much more likely to be destroyed by moisture, heat, or fire and once a master negative is gone, it can never be replaced.
  3. Cost Effective Storage: Digital media storage devices have a radically smaller storage footprint than tape and film.
  4. Usability: Once your old assets have been converted to digital assets by MAP, you have access to an easy-to-use search database, allowing you to see and hear any clip in your inventory on any computer connected to the internet.
  5. Redundant Backup: MAP provides each client with a 4-layered safety net.  At any given time there are 4 different sets of masters, at two different locations, making the possibility of irrevocable destruction a non-factor.

What makes Media Asset Preservation the company to use?

As a division of Showcase Productions, MAP has over 25 years experience in media production, duplication, and preservation.  We are a small certified, woman-owned HUB company and have a superior rating with the Better Business Bureau.  We pride ourselves on developing personal relationships with our clients and provide superior customer service.

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