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A message about the importance of preserving all formats of media from Jim Appleton, President of Media Asset Preservation

Who Should Use MAP

***WARNING:  Your media assets are deteriorating as you read this information, and the decks to play them back may not exist in 5 years.***

Media Asset Preservation is for anyone with data, documents, or media that is at risk of begin permanently lost.

Use MAP to convert Corporate Media Assets to Digital Archives

In addition to preserving any important historical media, the visual and audio stories that have been created for broadcast and corporate projects are in jeopardy. The vulnerability of film, audio, and videotape to deterioration and the increasing obsolescence of video formats threaten the rich heritage contained in these assets. For corporations, it is important to take your non-productive media assets (that are sitting on shelves or in record storage facilities) and use our powerful FREE searchable database to turn them into assets that can be instantly used for marketing and broadcast purposes.

Use MAP to convert Non-Profit Media Assets to Digital Archives

As our videotape and audiotape age and deteriorate, we are at risk of losing significant media collections that document the art, culture, and history of our diverse communities. Digitizing the media to protect our history is certainly important, but the system to be able to have patrons of museums and other nonprofit organizations access and view that history is paramount. We give you a very powerful and free database that can be accessed by any computer anywhere in the world. Patrons of a museum can view the media on monitors on site or the museum can also for a fee, if desired, allow its members to research and view the content from their home.

Use MAP to convert Government Media Assets to Digital Archives

The important history contained in videotape, audiotape, and photographs is at serious risk. The digital library that MAP can create will preserve the integrity of these assets and assure that the digital collections are readily and economically available for use by future generations. MAP can facilitate your ability to search and access the entire database from any computer, anywhere in the world. Our country is rich in history and we are responsible for preserving that history.